Attached Claims for Employers

Download instructions for filing an attached claim


An attached claim is an unemployment claim filed by an employer on behalf of employees who have been temporarily laid off or who have worked less than 60 percent of their customary full-time hours in a calendar week. 

Governor Roy Cooper has issued an order lifting some of the requirements for employers to file attached claims on behalf of their employees. Under Executive Order No. 131: 

  • An employer does not need to prepay the cost of the unemployment benefits for their employees at the time the attached claim is filed. 
  • Employers may file attached claims for a period of more than six weeks of benefits. 
  • Employers may submit an attached claim for an employee more than once in a year. 
  • Employers do not need to have a positive credit balance with DES to file attached claims. 


1. Sign into your online account at Under Claim Services, click on the green Click Here link. 

2. Under Benefit Information, click on File Claim.






3. Read the information, click on the Agreement Box, then click Continue.


4. Complete the Group and Separation information. 

Note that you can only select the previous or current week as the First Week of Unemployment. You cannot file for a future date. For example, if you have employees working their last day on Tuesday of next week, you must wait until at least that Tuesday to file the attached claim. 

Save the Group and Separation Information.


5. You will be given a Group ID. This is your reference number for the employees you are including in the attached claim. Click Next.


6. Now you must submit information for each employee in the group. This information can be entered directly on the page, or you may download, complete and upload a spread sheet of information. Manual entry works better for smaller groups of employees.

List all of your affected employees under one group number. This will allow you to file for multiple weeks of benefits for the employees in the group during the period of the layoff. Do not include employees in more than one group. 

Enter the information and click Save for each employee included in the attached claim. (Note: If an employee has already filed a claim due to COVID-19, please do not include that individual on the attached claim. The employee should continue to complete their own Weekly Certifications.)


7. When you have entered information for all employees, click Finish. The filing is complete for this group. You will receive a confirmation that you can Print.


8. To view the attached claim, go to your Claims 

Services page and click on Multi-Claimant Group under Benefit Information.







The employer is responsible for completing Weekly Certifications for the employees included in an 

attached claim. Complete Weekly Certifications no later than 14 days from the end of each week, or your employees will not receive payment. 

When it is time to submit the Weekly Certification, click on Weekly Certification under Benefit Information on your Claims Services page.






Use the drop-down menu to choose the Benefit Week you need certify and confirm that it has the correct Group ID. Complete the information for each employee, then click Submit to certify the week.


After an attached claim is established, the employees included in the claim are mailed a Wage Transcript and Monetary Determination, as well as a 500TW Direct Deposit and 

Request for Tax Withholding form. Employees can return the Direct Deposit and Tax 

Withholding form by mail or fax. They may also go to and create an account 

to submit direct deposit or tax withholding information online.