File an Appeal

Determinations are made in different sections of the Division of Employment Security. Each determination has an address and instructions for filing an appeal. You must file your appeal at the address and according to the instructions included in the determination (04 N.C. Admin. Code 24C .0202). You can find a listing of addresses and contact information for the various DES work units in 04 N.C. Admin. Code 24A .0104.  

The preferred and fastest way to appeal is using the DES online benefits system. Once an appeal is filed, DES will schedule a hearing on your appeal. A notice of hearing containing the date, time and contact information for the designated appeals referee will be sent to you. (04 N.C. Admin. Code 24C .0204).

Levels of Appeal

Appeals Section / Appeals Referee Hearings

The Appeals Section of DES conducts quasi-judicial evidentiary hearings on contested claims for unemployment insurance benefits. Appeals hearings before the Appeals Section are conducted by appeals referees who preside over hearings and issue decisions that contain findings of fact and conclusions of law. Most appeals to initial agency determinations are heard by the Appeals Section, and most of those are determinations by Adjudication regarding unemployment insurance claims. Appeals referees also conduct hearings on appeals to overpayments, denials of employer requests for noncharging, claim withdrawals and other special programs.

Board of Review

See Board of Review